Vaccines and Antivaxxers

Vaccines – Modern Medicine’s 2nd Biggest Success

How To Make Over 20 Diseases Disappear
In 1900, 30 percent of all deaths occurred in young children. Back then parents didn’t worry about vaccinating their children (vaccines didn’t exist), they worried about their children getting infectious diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough…. By 2000, only 1% of all deaths occurred in young children. The primary reason – vaccines defeated infectious disease!

  • Here at we have tabulated 340 million plus lives saved by vaccines, and that’s counting only half of the 22 vaccines available.
  • That Makes Vaccines Modern Medicine’s 2nd Biggest Success! (Blood transfusions are #1)

Last century smallpox killed over 300 million people – more than the population of the United States, more than all the wars of the Twentieth Century (WWI, WWII, Vietnam, The Holocaust…). But now no one even has to get vaccinated for smallpox. No one suffers, no one dies for smallpox was eradicated in 1975 by a vaccination campaign.

Unlike penicillin, vaccines don’t cure, they are preventative – no suffering before the cure, no death. Most people growing up after the 1990s have never had smallpox, measles, mumps and a host of other common diseases, due to their grandparents’ generation starting and adhering to the childhood routine of getting vaccinated.

List of Diseases Vaccines Prevent

Vaccines are Ubiquitous – Pervasive & Inescapable Throughout Our Lives
It is bizarre that vaccines are controversial, when virtually everyone has had vaccines. The average person born today may get 70+ vaccines in their lifetime.

  • There are 31 childhood vaccines (counting booster shots). Over 90% of people have received some of these vaccines.
  • There are 285 million vaccine doses given each year in the U.S.

Virtually everyone constantly benefits from vaccines:

  • Did you know that all beef, poultry, and pork you eat comes from vaccinated animals?
  • And that all horses, dogs, cats, and zoo animals are vaccinated?
  • Do you really want to live in a world you can’t pet your friends’ dog because it may not have been vaccinated, and may have rabies?

Vaccines Are Mostly a Gift Others Give to Us & We Give To Others 
Some diseases survive by using humans as hosts, then those hosts pass the disease on to others, like a game of tag creating a human chain of hosts. Vaccines work by stopping that game of human tag. But one person getting vaccinated will not stop a disease. A large portion of the population has to get vaccinated to stop all the chains. Choosing to join this vaccinated population is a gift we give to our fellow humans by refusing to tag others with a disease.

If a Flood is Coming – Build a Barrier
If a flood was coming and people knew it would threaten their town unless a barrier was built, most people would willingly pitch in to help with filling and stacking sandbags.

If a Disease is Coming – Build a Barrier
A contagious disease is the same – without building a barrier it will encroach upon the town’s people, harming and killing. Correspondingly, most people pitch in and get vaccinated, creating a barrier to keep out the disease.

  • Unfortunately, some people are too selfish to help their friends and neighbors, choosing to remain as a safe reservoir for the disease to keep replicating and tagging people.

Getting Vaccinated Is The Most Important Ethical Decision You’ll Make In Your Life
There are only three things most of us do that can kill someone. So, these are the three most important ethical decisions we make in life.
1) Recklessly drive a car
              10,000+ deaths/year from DUI
                 9,500+ deaths/year from speeding
                 3,000+ deaths/year from being distracted by cellphones, etc
2) Recklessly use a firearm – 400+ accidental deaths/year
3) Recklessly refuse to get vaccinated – bringing on 100s of thousands more covid deaths
                 If you refused vaccination, some of those who die may have received their death germ by it passing through your body and your keeping its game of human tag going

Vaccines are Not Risky
The government has monitored vaccine risk for more than 50 years. The US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program compensates injured parties. It is unlikely any deaths occur that are not reported for the loved ones of those victims would be giving up a payment.

From 1990 to 2015 – There Were 2.5 Billion CDC Recommended Vaccines Given in the U.S. with Only 14 Deaths

  • Allergic Reaction deaths (anaphylaxis) – 5 (now this is monitored, so should decrease)
  • Severely Immunocompromised deaths – 8 (now these are rarely vaccinated)
  • Fainting and Hitting One’s Head – 1 death

Covid Vaccine Safety
The Covid Vaccines are new and are being diligently monitored. There have been only a few suspicious sicknesses and deaths that may have been caused by the 200 million plus vaccines given so far (Fall 2021).

Blood Clots

  • J&J or AstraZeneca Vaccine – out of 4 million vaccinations
  • 28 suspicious cases
  • 4 deaths (as of April 2021)

Heart Inflammation 

  • Pfizer-BioNTech – out of 267 million vaccinations
  • 323 suspicious cases
  • 0 deaths 

Comparing the Risk of Getting Vaccinated To Being Unvaccinated & Catching Covid
The risk of dying by catching covid is astronomically higher than dying from getting vaccinated.

  • U.S. Covid deaths through November 2021– 800,000+
  • Vaccination deaths from Pfizer vaccines through that date – 0
  • Some scientists predict that most people who aren’t vaccinated will eventually catch covid

What if Everyone Were Vaccinated for Covid?
From April 1, 2021, when vaccines became widely available till December 1, 2021, 207,000 people died from Covid in the U.S. Few were due to breakthrough infections of those already vaccinated because vaccinated people have much milder symptoms than those unvaccinated.
179,000   of those lives would have been saved if 100% of Americans had been vaccinated.

Why Are Vaccines So Safe?
An obvious question about vaccines, is why are they so safe? People dying from taking common medicines is rare, but does occur. Penicillin has killed lots of people. Even over the counter medicines like aspirin and acetaminophen have and continue to kill people. But vaccines not only are the second biggest lifesaving medical advance in history, they are also unusually safe. Why?

The human immune system is constantly in action our whole life. Daily it produces antibodies that reside in our immune system, ready to act. The whole process of antibody production is enormously complex and the understanding of its size and diversity is limited but we do know the number of antibodies the human body can produce is huge. One study counted the number of antibodies in 10 human subjects. The number totaled nearly 3 billion antibodies.

So, for a vaccine to add one more antibody to the millions we already have, is nothing special. Our body is made to manufacture and reserve antibodies for future use if needed.

Ben Franklin Choose Not to Innoculate his First Child, Franky
“In 1736 I lost one of my sons, a fine boy of four years old, by the smallpox taken in the common way. I long regretted bitterly and still regret that I had not given it to him by inoculation. This I mention for the sake of the parents who omit that operation, on the supposition that they should never forgive themselves if a child died under it; my example showing that the regret may be the same either way, and that, therefore, the safer should be chosen.”

Franky's tombstone read: "The delight of all who knew him."

VaccineKidGettingShot3Enderscomputer vaccinations2

Why An Antivaxxer?

Top 10 Reasons Bad People are Antivax

 #10 Attention Whores
Some people like being contrary – anything to get attention.

#9 Thumbing Their Nose at Society
A surprising number of people despise society and purposefully hate whatever others value, even if it is safety from covid.

#8 A Chance to Lie
Employees lie about being vaccinated. Sport stars flash fake vaccination cards. Media mavens spread unfounded vaccine rumors. Vaccination requirements give pathological liars, habitual liars, and just damn liars the chance to get their kicks by refusing vaccination, then delighting in deceiving earnest associates and officials.

#7 Anti-Government
Some people are so anti-government it is amazing they stop at stoplights. These people so hate politicians telling them how to protect themselves and others from covid, they even rebel against common sense safety solutions.

#6 Making a Political Statement
Since most people from both political parties have been vaccinated (including both President Biden and former President Trump), you might think vaccines aren’t political. However, some politicians play to their antivaxx constituents by being against government mandates for vaccination (even if they and their families are vaccinated).

#5 Anti-Intellectualism
Throughout history some people have bristled when forced to listen to educated experts. The vaccination campaign has given those motive to rebel against the advice of doctors and scientists, as well as to belittle them.

#4 Greed
Since mainly older people die, some children want their parents to die so they can inherit money. Many websites and social media mavens disparage vaccines in order to sell nonscientific supplements as substitutes.

#3 Are Self-Destructive & Love Playing Russian Roulette
Many people get thrills from risky behavior. They refuse to wear seatbelts, to go to the doctor, to wear masks or get vaccinated. Essentially, these people play Russian Roulette with their health. Each day as these people survive taking risks, they feel lucky, special to God, or better than the average person. Most people give them a pass because they are only hurting themselves and refuse to listen to anyone anyway. But being antivaxx is different – they are hurting others.

Unlike wearing a seatbelt, where only oneself is harmed by being self-destructive, unvaccinated people are more likely to pass on the disease to others. As you pass on the germ, it will continue down a chain of many people, making the odds higher and higher that it will eventually enter someone with health problems or that are old, and kill them. Refusing to get vaccinated is volunteering, if someone comes up and tags you with covid, to go out and tag someone else with it, passing that germ on to people, one of whom it may well kill.

#2 Sadism
Sadism is real and a bigger cause of people’s behavior than most admit. Professor E.E. Buckels coined the phrase “Everyday Sadism” to describe how a large percentage of people are daily stimulated by others having setbacks, such as being covid sick. Some sadists relish imagining the suffering of those who are dying from covid.

#1 Getting Vaccinated is a Personal Decision
The Atheist Ayn Rand was a 1950s writer who advocated minimal government and extreme selfishness. She is immensely popular as the hero and mentor for many social media mavens and politicians, who have convinced a large portion of the population that extreme individualism is the rule to live by. Championing selfishness, adherents refuse to be told by anyone what they should or should not do, and refuse to care about their neighbors. The problem is that personal decisions are based upon us being independent of one another, yet in many facets of our lives we are interdependent upon others.

  • Flood control – A few people randomly placing sandbags will not stop a flood.
  • Stoplights – 100% of the population must agree that red means stop and green means go for the roads to be safe.
  • Vaccines – A very high percentage of people must be vaccinated to stop infectious diseases such as covid from spreading.

Before the atheist Ayn Rand convinced a large number of people that everything they do is a personal decision there was another famous historical figure who said “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This now seemingly archaic idea is at the heart of the concept of vaccination.

  • Vaccines only work if Most people love their neighbors enough to not want to tag them with a disease, by getting a shot in the arm.

Why An Antivaxxer?

Top 10 Reasons Somewhat Good People are Antivax 

 #10 Covid Vaccines Are New
A new disease can only have a new medical treatment. How long should scientists watch people die before they develop a vaccine that stops people from dying?

#9 Denial
Some people go through life passively, putting their head in the sand and doing nothing, hoping problems such as covid will disappear.

#8 Can’t Decide
Our body’s natural emotional response to danger is Fight – Flight – Freeze. Confronted with covid, some people freeze for a long time….

#7 Religious Reasons
Many people of all religions get vaccinated. But some people want to be special in the eyes of God. They claim that if God wants them to die from covid, so be it. Oddly, they do not apply this to looking both ways before crossing a street or stopping at stoplights. Nor do they ask God if he wants them to pass the germ to someone else, perhaps at church, killing them. They do not believe that God gave humans brains to use to make wise decisions or to develop vaccines.

  • The scientific father of modern vaccines (on our website), John Enders, was a practicing Episcopalian
  • The scientific discoverer of the vaccination method used to eradicate smallpox (on our website), Bill Foege, was a Lutheran Missionary

#6 Can’t Do the Math
Those who can’t understand statistics or arithmetic, as in adding together the total number of deaths, can’t understand risk.

#5 Can’t make Evidence Based Decisions
One study found that over 60% of the population cannot make evidence-based decisions. Disregarding evidence, these people think covid isn’t really a dangerous disease, and listen to charlatans spouting non-evidence based conspiracies.

#4 Have Never Been Sick
Vaccines have been so successful in removing suffering and death that many young adults don’t know what it is to be sick or that sickness can actually kill you. They are more afraid of minor vaccine side-effects like a sore arm than of covid.

#3 Too Prideful to Change Their Mind
Having identified themselves as anti-vaxxers, they cannot swallow their pride and admit they can change their mind, even if their life and the lives of their loved ones depend upon it.

#2 Are Hypocrites – Claiming Vaccines are Risky While Continually Practicing Much Riskier Behaviors
Nothing is riskless, but these are the U.S. stats (Pfizer info is through fall 2021)

  • Catching covid with no vaccine is astronomically riskier than getting the vaccine
    • 800,000+ U.S. covid deaths as of December 2021
    • 0 Pfizer covid vaccine deaths
  • Riding in a car is astronomically riskier than getting the vaccine
    • 38,000 traffic deaths a year
    • 0 Pfizer covid vaccine deaths
  • Using stairs (or allowing your children to) is much riskier than getting the vaccine
    • 2,500 stair deaths a year
    • 0 Pfizer covid vaccine deaths
  • Being around a dog is much riskier than getting the vaccine
    • 30+ dog bite deaths a year (and not by rabies since dogs are vaccinated)
    • 0 Pfizer covid vaccine deaths

 #1 Science and Schools Have Failed to Educate the Public About Vaccines
How well do public schools teach the history of disease? How many know there were 30+ diseases that pulverized our ancestors 100 years ago that are now gone. How many know that Health Scientists have saved 5 Billion lives in the last 100 years! Did you know that?

Envious Health Science academics even purposely avoid making scientists heroes. In their quest to make science dry, boring, and emotionless, some have gone so far as trying to rename the Heimlich maneuver – “abdominal thrusts!”

As a result, new generations are never taught the value of modern medicine. They are never taught that the 2nd biggest medical lifesaving advance in history is vaccines. And that vaccines have eliminated or greatly diminished 20 of those diseases mentioned above. Did you know that?!

Unfortunately, into that education vacuum step blowhard media mavens, spouting endless charlatan theories of pseudo medicine lacking scientific evidence. And when one spurious theory no longer titillates their listeners or is proven incorrect, they simply spout off another one. Is it any wonder people are suspicious of vaccines?

When we hear the word vaccine, it should resonate like the words: El Dorado, Shangri-la, Valhalla, Motherlode, and Winning the Lottery. It should excite people. If every new generation was taught the history of disease, and knew the stories of the stalwart men and women scientists who have steadily diminished early death and disease via vaccines, vaccines would not be feared. People would line up to get one as happily as they line up to get a guaranteed lottery ticket – for we all have profited from vaccines.


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