We would love for you to join our community of rambunctious scholars.  We have three types of content contributing scholars, all of whom are credited as authors. Crediting authors reflects our gratitude to those who put forth the effort to share their research and writing. It also deters untruths common to sites that allow anonymous contributions. Of course we reserve the right to edit grammatical errors and to remove anything objectionable. Please join our community of rambunctious scholars! Support Scholar
Anyone can be a Supporter Scholar. No need even to be a member. You simply choose an unfilled section and write it up. Entries can be as short as a paragraph and sources must be provided to insure credibility.

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An Expert Scholar is the highest level of scholar. You can adopt a scientist and make it your mission to gather as much information as possible about them.  The internet provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the way history is recorded.  Prior to the internet, a writer gathered reams of notes, then culled them down into concise and succinct points. Due to space limitations, half the job of the historian was to edit and choose what to reveal to or hide from the reader.  As an Expert Scholar you will get to gather all the information that can be found, write it up, and arrange it in the order you find most interesting. The readers can then read as much or as little as they wish to about your scientist. As an Expert Scholar, you may become the leading expert on your scientist and their revolutionary discovery, publishing articles, giving interviews, and even writing books from your research.

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The third way to participate is to be a ScienceHero Friend.  If you personally know any of the scientists on our site, we welcome small anecdotes, quotes, funny stories, inspirational thoughts, and photos of the scientist. All ScienceHero Friends must provide their name and relationship to the scientist.

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