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Coping with Doubters

D.E. Robertson, countering complaints that Banting’s slim research qualifications disqualified him from praise even though he discovered insulin, compared him to Walter Campbell, a young doctor who handled the diabetic patients at Toronto General Hospital.

“Campbell knows all about diabetes but cannot treat it; Banting knows nothing about diabetes but can treat it.”

A colleague who had earlier debated Al Sommer, discoverer of Vitamin A as a lifesaving substance, at first claimed that vitamin A treatment was “too good to be true.” Eventually he wrote an editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine titled:

“Vitamin A - Too good not to be true.”

When Howard Florey, discoverer of penicillin, tried to convince skeptical pharmaceutical companies to produce penicillin he said that he felt like:

“A carpet bag salesman trying to promote a crazy idea for some ulterior motive.”