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Additional Science Heroes

A Community of Rambunctious Scholars Celebrating People
Who Have Made Lifesaving Discoveries And Encouraging
Students and Politicians to Read 1000 Science Stories!

It would be helpful when you're working on these problems to develop a skin as thick as a rhino's hide, so you don't feel all the darts. Oh, there are lots of critics. If you don't do anything you'll never have critics.

Norman Borlaug

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The Science Heroes in this Table of Contents have contributed to making the world a better place.  We believe they should be honored.

Life Enhancers
Scientists whose discoveries greatly improve the quality of our lives even if the condition treated would not kill us
Airy, George
Alter, Harvey
Barnard, Christiaan
Barraquer, Jose
Bath, Patricia
Bhaumik, Mani Lal
Bird, Forrest
Cohn, Zanvil
Cormack, Allan
Cushman, David
D'Armate, Salvino
Dickson, Earle
Domagk, Gerhard
Feldmann, Marc
Fick, Adolf
Franklin, Benjamin
Fuller, Ray
Fyodorov, Svyatoslav
Green, Benjamin
Houghton, Michael
Hounsfield, Godfrey
Isaacs, Alick
Jarvik, Robert
Jeffreys, Alec
Julian, Percy
Kamen, Dean
Kelman, Charles
Knudson, Alfred, Jr.
Lauterbur, Paul
Lind, James
Lindenmann, Jean
Maini, Ravinder
Marshall, Barry
Metcalf, Donald
Morgan, Garrett
Nagano, Yasu-ichi
Nowell, Peter
Srinivasan, Rangaswamy
Röntgen, Wilhelm
Rowley, Janet
Southern, Edwin
Tuohy, Kevin
Williams, Daniel Hale
Basic Science
Scientists whose research in basic science laid the foundation for discoveries that do save lives
Benacerraf, Baruj
Blackburn, Elizabeth
Burkitt, Denis
Cori, Gerty
Crick, Francis
Doherty, Peter
Doppler, Christian
Franklin, Rosalind
Greider, Carol
Leloir, Luis
Levi-Montalcini, Rita
McCulloch, Ernest
Milstein, Cesar
Ochoa, Severo
Prusiner, Stanley
Steinman, Ralph
Strominger, Jack
Szostak, Jack
Till, James
Unanue, Emil
Watson, James
Wiley, Don
Zinkernagel, Rolf
Advocates / Administrators
Tireless workers who take up a cause or apply science to save lives
Drew, Charles
Lamb, Cindy
Lasker, Mary
Lightner, Candy
Sawyer, Wilbur
You Think????
Surprising and unexpected candidates
Bell, Alexander Graham
Berners-Lee, Tim
Gillette, King Camp
Lenormand, Louis-Sebastien
Manby, George William
Renault, Louis
Shaw, Percy

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