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Trivia Virus

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Virus Trivia

1.The first virus ever discovered was tobacco mosaic virus.  It was hypothesized in 1883 and confirmed in 1935.

2.The smallest viruses have only four genes.

3.Taking aspirin when you have a cold will make you shed more virus than if you didn’t.

4.Rhino means nose which is why the virus that causes the common cold is called rhinovirus.

5.A quarter of the horses in the United States died of a vast virus epidemic in 1872.

6.Scientists have identified more than 300 viruses capable of bringing fatal diseases to insects.

7.There are more than 100 different viruses that cause the common cold.  This is one reason an effective vaccine cannot be made.

8.It has been theorized that poet Edgar Allen Poe actually died from rabies (a viral illness spread by animal bites), not alcoholism.

9.It is interesting that in all the cases of human rabies in the United States from 1977 to 1994, people remembered being bitten in only 27 percent of those cases. In addition, people can have the infection for up to a year without major symptoms.

10.The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I (WWI), at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history.