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Trivia Diabetes

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Diabetes Trivia

1.Almost 1 in 17 people worldwide are diabetic. More than 1800 cases of diabetes are diagnosed everyday.

2.India has the largest number of diabetics in the world; a total of 10 million.

3.Vitamin D reduces the risk of diabetes.

4.Famous people who had/have diabetes include:  Thomas Edison, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mary Tyler Moore, Billie Jean King, Elvis Presley, and Ernest Hemingway.

5.There are three types of diabetes:  type I, type II, and gestational.

6.In 2003, out of a world population of 6.3 billion, an estimated 194 million adults aged 20-79 had diabetes, making the worldwide prevalence 5.1%.

7.An estimated 314 million people aged 20-79, or 8.2% of the world's population, had impaired glucose tolerance.

8.As early as 1500 BC, healers noticed that ants were attracted to urine of people with a mysterious disease. 

9.In 1000 AD, Greek doctors thought the friction of riding a horse might be a possible treatment for diabetes.