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Image Use Policy

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Science Heroes Image Use Policy


Image Use Policy

Images are a fantastic learning tool-what better way to quickly convey a concept? It's also a terrific way to honor the science heroes on our site by giving us a face to match with their discovery. Images give us a sense of time and place as well, allowing us to more fully appreciate these extraordinary accomplishments in their historical context.

Because we value both the dynamic nature of images and the efforts required to produce them, we follow a well-defined image selection process. We believe all the images displayed on are displayed legally, under one or more of the following provisions:

Public Domain

Many of our images are in the public domain, selected from government image archives and other non-copyrighted sources.

GNU General Public license

The GNU Project was originally established as a free software collaboration effort. However, many image producers use the GNU license to make their copyrighted work freely available for public use.


Copyright with Permission

Many image producers appreciate the efforts of to advance scientific literacy and have given us permission to include their copyrighted images.


Copyright Expired

There are circumstances under which copyrights expire. For example, the copyright to an image expires seventy years after the death of the photographer.

Fair Use

There are times when use of a copyrighted image, especially when few images are available and the primary intent is educational, is allowed under the "fair use" doctrine of the United States copyright law.

Personal Production has produced many of the images (the Learning Cartoons, etc.) and is their rightful owner.


If we've made an error and you believe we've used an image to which you hold the copyright, please contact us. We're most interested in obtaining proper permissions, and giving proper credits, for all the images on our site.


Some of our science heroes were a bit camera-shy. Do you have some images of them to share? We'd appreciate your help with images, letters, notes - any items that will help secure their rightful legacy as true science heroes.

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