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Leborgne, Raul

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Raul Leborgne

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Raul Leborgne
(dob - )
Born in
Year of Discovery: 1949


Made New and Improved Mammograms

Raul Leborgne was a radiologist from Uruguay whose insight and scientific discovery makes patients cringe but has been used to save over 1.6 million lives.

Leborgne devised an apparatus that would squeeze a patient's breast between a cone and a compression pad in order to hold it flat while an x-ray was taken. He introduced this compression technique in 1949 and reported his findings in a landmark publication in 1951. This early version of a mammogram enhanced the quality of the images, improving the ability to diagnose breast cancer earlier. In 1953 Leborgne continued his work in breast imaging and introduced the use of low radiology radiation which could identify tiny calcifications in the tissue which could predict breast cancer.

These contributions increased the quality of the images, which improved the accuracy of detection and diagnosis. Early diagnosis of breast cancer significantly improves survival rates.



Introduction by April Ingram


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Emory University cancer detection timeline citing Leborgne's 1951 findings:

Preventing Breast-Cancer, by Gofman, citing Leborgne's research in chapter 28:

Medicine and Women: 1950-Present
, discussing Leborgne's research:

A History of the screening of mammography

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Explore other scientists who furthered this lifesaving advance.



Stafford Warren
A pioneer in breast cancer surgery, using fluoroscopes to distinguish cancerous tissue.
Charles Gros
His techniques greatly enhanced mammogram's effectiveness.
Jacob Gershon-Cohen
First advocate for using mammograms to detect breast cancer.
Albert Salomon
He was the very first to use x-rays to study breast cancer.
Walter Vogel
He refined mammograms to enhance breast cancer diagnosis.

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Books by the Scientist

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Author unknown. Leborgne, Raul A. Impresora Uruguaya, 1953.


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