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A Community of Rambunctious Scholars Celebrating People
Who Have Made Lifesaving Discoveries And Encouraging
Students and Politicians to Read 1000 Science Stories!

About the Numbers

We Appreciate Your Desire to be a Support Scholar

A Support Scholar writes one or more of the following sections. Simply choose one that has not been written and go at it! When you are finished email your submission here:
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Each submission should include:
1) The name of the scientist you are writing about.
2) A well written presentation.
3) A list of sources.
4) Your name and age. (Your name will go at the end of the section; you must be 13 or older).
5) A reliable email address.
6) If you choose, we would also like to include your academic credentials and location.

Like all academic journals, we require your name so that we can insure the veracity of your writing. We reserve the right to edit or not to put up any writing. You give up some copyrights with your submission.  Click here to read our Terms of Use:

Terms of Use

Choose a Section to Write
Key Insight
Key Experiment or Study
Quotes by the scientist
Quotes about the scientist/discovery
Excerpt from Book
Fun Trivia (ok to put in personal asides and remarks)
The Science Behind the Discovery
Personal Information
Other contributing scientists
Science Discovery Timeline
Recommended Books About the Science
Books by the Scientist
Books About the Scientist
The major academic paper(s) that announced the discovery
Curriculum Vitae

We need photos. Click here for information about providing photos:

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